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Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Dallas TX?


What's the average cost of car insurance in Dallas TX?

Car Insurance Costs: Dallas vs. Texas vs. National Averages

Dallas has low-cost car insurance premiums that are below the state's average. It costs $18 less per year than Texas's average. While this may come as a relief, it isn't a reason to become complacent. Taking advantage of lower costs is still an important practice even in Dallas. You can go over some of our tips below to improve your savings.

Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Dallas TX in Your Neighborhood

It's a sensible thing to ask yourself where you can find the best car insurance rates across the entire Dallas area. It's also a good practice to compare what you pay to the state average. The average annual cost of car insurance in Dallas TX is $2457. But there can be a lot of leeway in this. Rates can have a difference of up to $3416 per year from the least to the most expensive companies.

GEICO is the insurer that offered the cheapest quote at $1288 a year. This is 73% cheaper than Dairyland, the company we found to be the most expensive in Dallas. Other good options to be chosen in Dallas TX were Progressive and Texas Farm Bureau. Knowing just how different rates can be is a great incentive to get you to start saving on your rates.

How to Save on Car Insurance in Dallas?

Expensive Dallas Zip Codes
# ZIP code Average Rate
1 75247 $1654
2 75241 $1688
3 75260 $1707
4 75207 $1778
5 75242 $1780
Cheap Dallas Zip Codes
# ZIP code Average Rate
1 75287 $1252
2 75252 $1296
3 75098 $1370
4 75248 $1372
5 75214 $1424

Dallas Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Code

Just as which state you live in impacts your insurance rates, so too does the specific area you live in Dallas. This is because many factors such as theft, uninsured drivers and other kinds of crime are taken into account and measured based on zip code. If you happen to live in a region where accidents or DUIs are more likely to happen, your insurers could see you as a potentially higher risk. And as we all know, higher risk means higher prices.

In this regard, Dallas is unfortunately no different. These are the five least and most pricey ZIP codes for car insurance in Dallas TX.

The zip codes 75287 and 75247 have a rising difference of premiums by 32%, or a whopping $402.

Dallas Car Insurance Rates by Gender and Marital Status

Your gender and your marital status are two of the several characteristics that have an influence on your car insurance rates in Dallas. This is simply due to the fact that insurance is based off of liability and risk. People who are single and/or are male are considered bigger risk factors because they are the groups more likely to either get into accidents or commit felonies. As a result, being single can cost up to $84 more per year compared to being married, and being a man can typically cost up to $504 more per year in Dallas TX as opposed to being a woman.

Dallas Teenagers Car Insurance Rates

Younger and inexperienced drivers pay the most in car insurance rates by far, and Dallas TX is no exception to that rule. Due to the risk associated with drivers lacking experience, teenagers tend to pay $3176 a year for insurance on average. This is far higher than the state average of $1545, and $1649 higher than Dallas' average. When gender is taken into account the difference between male and female teens in Dallas TX is $565.

The effect of DUIs on insurance premiums in Dallas TX

Having a criminal record can have a very negative impact on your insurance. For example, if you are caught driving under the influence in Dallas then your car insurance premium will increase much more than for other violations. Being convicted of an alcohol-related offense can increase your insurance costs from $1527 all the way up to $2840. That means that on average the cost for conviction in Dallas TX can be an increase of $1313.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Dallas TX

Dallas drivers need to have the state mandated liability insurance plan just like all vehicle owners in the state of Texas. The minimum is listed as 30/60/25. Here's an explanation on this rule:

The "30" in 30/60/25 means that you are the one responsible for any incident which has caused bodily harm to another person. That means you are eligible for up to $30,000 of medical expenses for one other person injured by you.

The "60" in 30/60/25 means that if several people were injured in an accident that you were the cause of then up to $60,000 will be allotted to the injured people in question.

Finally, the "25" in 30/60/25 means that if you damage another person's car or property then a maximum of $25,000 will be handed out.

Please always remember that these values are state-required minimums. If you are considered at fault for an accident where expenses exceed these costs then you will have to pay out of pocket. Paying for more expensive and higher coverage limits on your auto insurance – for example, 150/300/100 – can help avoid this.


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